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tb2kmail is a tool to export mailboxes from The Bat! to a KMail compatible directory structure. It makes use of The Bat!'s export command and thus works under Microsoft Windows only. Scott Haug sent me a patch which makes it possible to create a directory structure which Thunderbird likes.


What you should have if you want to use tb2kmail:

Don't trash it yet, you still need it.
A tool to extract bzipped files
Try the bzip2 tools or PowerArchiver.
The Bat!
I don't think you need an installed copy of the Mailer, it should work with a plain thebat.exe (plus some DLLs maybe), too. However, I haven't tested this.
If you don't have it yet (what do you want to export then?), you can get it here. Think about registering it if you stick with Windows. It's really worth it.
Maybe you should give ActiveState's Windows port a try. If you use another one, then make shure you've got the following modules (those are all shipped with ActiveState's Perl):
  • Getopt::Long v2.24+
  • Pod::Usage
  • File::Spec
  • File::Path
  • Win32::TieRegistry v0.20+
If you miss one of them, try CPAN.
A cute little penguin
A brain

Need more help?

Try reading the man page. Call tb2kmail with the option --man to get it.


There are currently three known bugs in tb2kmail. Please read the section BUGS in the man page for more details.

Please report bugs to tb2kmail-bugs@msquadrat.de. Don't forget to provide as much information as possible. Maybe you could spend a jiffy to read the text "How To Report Bugs Effectively" by Simon Tatham.

This project
man page
The ReadMe file

Scott's Thunderbird patch
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